Improve flow, engagement & conversions

CRO optimises all traffic. Whether a potential customer is visiting from social media, a dedicated advert or even word of mouth, a well refined site will have an impact on all of them. Our process utilises a variety of methods to ensure every aspect of your site is not only functioning as intended but also incorporates design and development improvements that increase flow and minimise pinch points.

Navigation restrictions, pop up timing and personalisation are just some of the implementations we may deploy to deliver a better user experience. For product focused businesses, information is the key driver for many purchases. As an outsider to your business we can offer a fresh set of eyes and uncover weaknesses in product specifications that potential customers may be searching for.  

We will develop a proposal of changes that includes what we call 'Working Prototypes' that deliver immediate functional improvements and 'Testing Theories' which are more experimental ideas for you to trial going forward.

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We'll call you for a discussion on what you're looking to achieve and how we can help you do that.

Process Breakdown

CRO Functionality Testing

Functionality Testing

Thorough full site review including UI & UX elements, forms, buttons etc. Anything and everything will be rigously tested!

CRO User Flow Analysis

User Flow Analysis

Using your sites analytics we'll be able to review visitor behaviour and flow which will inform our approach, including search auditing.  

CRO Information Review

Information Review

Relevant shipping information, site policies and product specifications will be reviewed to ensure customers have the details they need to purchase.

CRO Navigation Flow

Navigation Flow

Ensuring the menu structure is instinctive to use, using our fresh set of eyes to view your site from a new user perspective.

CRO Proposal Creation

Proposal Creation

From our test results we will put together our Proposal of Changes that will outline all the improvements we think should be made to increase your sites optimisation.

CRO Implementation


Once we have the green light we will implement the changes outlined in the proposal. Most changes do not require site down time.


How long does it take?
We like to dedicate at least a week to complete a project, from initial discussion to completion.  

How much does it cost? 
Our standard CRO package is £640.00, with prices increasing for more involved projects. We require 50% payment to start with the other 50% due on completion.   

How do I give you access to the store backend?
Shopify allows you to add additional staff accounts to your store under Settings, Users & Permissions. For most CRO projects we do not need access to customers, finance and order information.

Can I carry out the work myself?
Yes. With the first 50% payment we will product our Proposal of Changes, from there if you'd rather carry out those changes yourself we will be happy to turn the project over to you.