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How does the review work and what are the benefits of working with us?

Let's have a chat

We'll ask some questions about your products/services, goals and site analytics to better understand your business and how we may be able to help. When we work on a site, it is important we immerse ourselves within the business and fully understanding all its moving parts, setting the foundation from which we can work.  

Increase Sales

The biggest benefit to CRO is that it optimises all traffic. Whether somebody visits from social media, a dedicated advert or even word of mouth, a well refined site will have an impact on all of them. We do this via a variety of methods, from ensuring links navigate to the correct location and as far as implementing code for a better user experience.  

First impressions

The first time we visit your site we'll have a pen and paper ready to instantly take notes. You can only get one first impression and when you consider the average time visitors spend on a website is 53 seconds, you need to make it a good one. These notes then become a valuable reference point as we dig deeper and become more accustomed to the site.

Increase ad spend efficiency

A well refined website sets the foundation from which you can build. Driving paid marketing traffic to an unoptimised site can limit the efficiency of each Dollar, Pound or Euro spent. At best this results in leaving sales on the table, but at worst it could send you on a wild goose chase of A/B testing ad copy and images.  

It's all about the details

We believe that by taking care of the details, the bigger picture will emerge. The refinement process we use is predicated on this concept and encapsulates every aspect of the user experience.

Shopify specialisation

Having previously ran a successful business built on the Shopify platform, it was natural for it to become our specialisation as an agency. This extends to their proprietary coding language Liquid.

There's no obligation

There will be no aggressive sales tactics and no pressure to commit to anything. We believe great businesses are built by creating relationships and we intend to conduct ourselves accordingly.  

Theories and Prototypes   

If you decide to take us on we will develop a Proposal of Changes that includes what we call 'Working Prototypes' and 'Testing Theories' to deliver immediate functional improvements along with experimental ideas for you to try.