Who we are, and what we stand for

I like to categorise us as a refinement agency. Sure we "provide CRO services to business owners who utilise the Shopify platform", but we do so by using a different approach. I got my start in this sector through running my own business on Shopify where I'd obsess over the flow, look and feel of the website, completely unaware CRO was an industry. But through my experiences I slowly came to realise that my skillset wasn't in building and running a company, but in helping others build theirs. It was only by chance that I stumbled upon an article discussing conversion rate optimisation and I finally made the connection between the refinements I was making to my store and the industry that existed.

When I made the decision to start BlackCro I wanted to do so from a fresh perspective, without being influenced by any preconceived notions of what such an agency should be, but instead to build from solid foundations with no constraints on how we apply our skills. Based in Lincolnshire, UK we're not deep in a major city like other agencies, but this separation only adds to our maverick approach.

Our mission is to help businesses present themselves within the digital landscape, and how we do that, with what tools, in what environment, will constantly evolve. Today that takes the form of refining and optimising sites using a combination of analysis, best practices and testing to deliver a finished product that has a level of quality and sophistication above and beyond the competition.

In short, we're a young agency made up of a curated team who just want to help.

Simon Wakefield - Owner

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